The Girl in the Moon is so Pretty and Divine

The Girl in the Moon:

Staring down at the earth with deep green eyes,

Waiting to feel her spark in their lives,

She keeps watch on the fearful,

The tired, hungry and tearful,

And those shown into heaven without having had life.


And Men through the ages,

Have watched her through her phases,

Becoming entranced

With every breath that she takes.

For each breath is her last, and decisions are fast,

To remove her spirit from ours.


Closed eyes while she blinks, she allows men to think,

And to find and discover the truth in the dark.

But as she awakens, each man is taken,

To be freed, lead away from the truth in the dark


Awake and yet lonely,

She wanders so slowly,

Through the unknown and unwritten pages of time.


Is so pretty…

She loved not the man she was told to love, but wanted only to live.

Yet as the years passed and as did men’s hearts, she never could do as she wished.

Following the footsteps of the holy, she arrived battered, tired and slowly fell into the arms of a man.

And the man saw right then, knew he could never love again, not forever because she was divine.


And when she died he was broken, and swore never to love again.

Until he came back to her, she would write him forever, the story she wished she had lived.


For this story she writes, has love, betrayal and delight,

And a quest worthy of fame,

Although her pen is the stars and her face not without scars, we still gather to hear her song.


For it is one full of beauty, yet she asks “couldn’t you see”,

“The pain that I felt all along?”


Is just divine…


Such a goddess,

A woman of being.

With her lips, no man can be seeing



With eyes of deep green she was still.

And the serenity of her face could kill

All those who stood by,

All those averting their eye.


Divine goddess and prophet

Walks for years and she knows it

Will never be east nor be west.


But her name’s barely hidden

She’s taken aback by the lack of real love

She’s tried to find others just like her.

And who knows what she’ll find.


We only see twice;

She knows just how many

Times they’ll lock eyes

And how they’ll find out.


That second visit is enough

If not for him, but her too much.

Ca. 2009


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